How do you commemorate a significant milestone in your corporate history? Yes, you may take as many photos and videos as you want. But how does one put all of these important moments in one handy object? Financial success is the best enshrined in Lucite Tombstones.

Lucite Tombstones have other name like deal toys, financial tombstones and deal gifts. Basically, these are tokens made of acrylic glass with captions and embedments that commemorate the achievement. While these are often used in closed business deals, acquisitions and mergers, people have found other uses for it like award trophies and event souvenirs. Source to know about LUCITE: Lucite Tombstones, Lucite Deal Toys, Embedments, Deal Gifts & Acrylic Awards.

Although Lucite Tombstones are visually creative and appealing, one might say there are not many details in the deal toy to explain the milestone. Still, the deal toy is a great idea to immortalize such event in that…

a. It is durable and will stay strong for decades. Lucite or generically known as plexiglass is an alternative to glass that is shatter-resistant.

b. Lucite Tombstones have decent sizes and are lightweight. It would be easy to transport and to store them.

c. The aesthetics are impressive, anyone who receives them will definitely be proud to display them in that offices, halls and glass shelves.

d. A deal gift can invoke curiosity. The next generation of people who will be involved with the company can learn a thing or two about corporate history through these Lucite Tombstones by simply looking at the captions and details.

e. Having Lucite Tombstones made significantly costs lesser than other options of commemorating a vital moment. For instance, having a statue made is pricier, right?

As everything you display or give out represents your company, make sure that the Lucite Tombstones are noteworthy, and that they would definitely make a good impression to their recipients and anyone who sees them.