There are a lot of varieties of drawer slides available in the market.  They may be for household use or industrial requirements.  They differ on the materials used and of course on the load capacity.  Let us focus on some common types below which you might consider:

  • Heavy duty – As its name implies, this type of slides are typically made of either stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum or plated cold-rolled steel.  With this material, slides can carry a load ranging from 200 to 230 lbs.  Heavy duty slides are common for industrial use and sometimes customized depending on specific requirements of customers.  They even undergo further product testing to prove its strength and durability.  Since these may be customized, they may not be readily available when you need it and may take some time before you can actually use it. Source to know about Guides – Chambrelan.
  • Ball bearing – This type of slides is usually made of zinc-plated steel and is non-handed with head screws.  This is sometimes accompanied with front and rear mounting brackets.  With these slides, you can put a load up to 100 lbs. Ball bearing slides are ideal for use in wood residential and commercial furniture.
  • Full extension – The typical material for this type ofdrawer slides is chromate steel matched with precision ball bearings.Full extension can also hold up to 100 lbs of load and sometimes even heavier, almost copying heavy duty types.  Sizes range from 16 in to 24 in. 
  • Plastic slides – If you are after minimum cost, then this type would be your best choice.  However, take note that since it’s inexpensive, you may not get the quality that you are looking for.  Plastic slides do not have smooth motion when pulling out thedrawer or pushing it back in and they have a tendency to stick.  Best way to enjoy it is to put on light loads not more than 50 lbs.