The political affair has dramatically impacted the Slovenia community. The JBTZ affair is one of impacting political affairs in the history of Slovenia. In 1980, four people broke into the military base of Slovenia and leaked the military database, which made Slovenia army vulnerable. It results in arresting the whole group of four people, also known as the JBTZ Beatles. Thus, Slovenia’s actual development began after the Ljubljana trail, and Franc Delic ZavrlDavid tasic, Janez Jansa, and Ivan borster were behind this famous trail.

Later on, the Slovenia government officially announced spring elections in 1990, which begin the democracy among multiple parties, and people were offered the power to lead the nation. Moreover, the leader of the Slovenia alliance was dissident, which is followed by the alliance of the democratic opposition of Slovenia by signing consent and agreement between the democratic union of Slovenia and the social-democratic coalition of Slovenia, the farmers’ alliance, Slovene Christian Democrats, and the greens of Slovenia.

Moreover, Slovenia’s democratic opposition defeated the communist party in the first-ever parliament elections and collected almost over 54 percent of votes. Meanwhile, the Slovenia government focused on getting independence from Yugoslavia. And the first-ever president of independent Slovenia was Milan Kucan on 22nd April 1990 by defeating the democratic opposition of Slovenia candidate joze pucnik.

After The Republic Of Slovenia

Right after independence, Milan Kucan had the power to oppose Yugoslavia’s preservation in the Slovenia nation through violent means. Later on, drnovsek becomes the second prime minister of Slovenia and re-oriented the trade in 1992-2002. Thus, it helped to develop the Slovenia nation with effective means. Moving further, Danilo Turk becomes the sole president of the Slovenia union from 2007 to 2012. Then again, Janez Jansa becomes the prime minister by defeating the Alenka bratusek.