The Ljubljana affair’s political history is comprehensive, and it is also called as JBTZ trail. JBTZ affair was held in Slovenia, and then it became part of Yugoslavia in 1988. The whole scenario was based on the activity done by four peoples named Janez Jansa, Ivan borstner, David tasic, and Franci Zavrl, who was caught in the crime of leaking the secret military evidence and punished by charging the imprisonment between six months to dour years.

Later on, after getting back from jail, they are involved in writing and publishing informative data on critical Yugoslav people’s army. That whole scenario causes the building of an opposition party in Slovenia because after releasing the news and data about the military’s secret documents, the people of Slovenia started doubting the ruling party.

And this leads to the raising and development of the liberal opposition in the republic. The committee for the defense of human rights was founded on the arresting day, which is considered the beginning of the trendy Slovenian spring. Get more Interesting details about franc delic zavrl on

Background events of the scenario

In late 1980, Slovenia embarked on reforming or rebuilding the liberal Democratic Party that becomes very unstable and divided into five other Yugoslav republic agencies. Milan Kucan, the leader of Slovenian communists, was allowed the degree of freedom of the press. In these instances, Mladina had taken advantage and became the most popular and famous magazine in Slovenia.

And Mladina breaks the old taboos and satires by raising the testing borders of press freedom with the news. In 1987, it started breaking and attacking the image of the Yugoslav people’s army (YPA) and their leadership for selling the arms and guns to famine-stricken Ethiopia by their defense minister, Branko Mamula. He was called as a merchant of death for doing the selling of arms. And later on, the editor of mladina, Franci Zavrl, was arrested.