With the current situation in which commercial stores including comic bookstores are mostly closed or barely operating and people are advised to stay indoors, it is high-time for comic fans to turn into digital comic book or webcomic.

The drastic and never-ceasing improvement in terms of technology has made people’s lives easier and better. One good thing this technology had brought is convenience.

When it comes to entertainment, reading materials such as books or magazines or even comic books has invaded online world as well. E-books and webcomic books is now readily available in the digital world for reading enthusiasts to enjoy. There are lot of websites where webcomic could be viewed. Some are even for free.

The following are among of the best websites where lots of reads are to be found like one punch man webcomic are to be found and availed for free. All of these feature wide range of themes, genres, perspective and ideas.

  • ComiXology – this Amazon subsidiary has a lot to offer when it comes to webcomic. Readers could find a wide-range of choices from single issues to graphic novels. This is accessible through subscription or through purchase if you desire to download. There are also available reads for free.
  • Amazon Kindle Store – so far the largest digital reading website flooded with variety of eBooks and webcomics. There are lot of free stuff to read but purchase is also available for those who want to spend money on comics.
  • Marvel Unlimited – probably the most popular among the websites being one of the sites to offer free reads without the mandatory registration or subscription.
  • DC Universe – one of the great website to read webcomics. However, free issues must be added on the cart first before it will be accessed for reading and by doing so, account registration is needed.
  • Digital Comic Museum – this website is the home of most popular and fan-favorite classic comic books that are totally free.